Tuesday, May 19, 2009


HDP  191

I was getting tickets at the Opera the other day, and from the ticket counter I told myself 'the road sure looks wider than before'. Not until I realized that the roundabout that used to be right in the middle... went missing.
Thankfully I passed by today again and it is back! I looked closer and it actually consists of a couple hundred plants in their pots... Smart!


Luuworld said...

nice pictures. made me miss hanoi.

Hanh said...

do you ever have tea on the side of the road near that roundabout? Just wondering... ;)

Jérôme said...

Luu: thanks!
Hanh: no I never had tea there.. Is it a popular spot?

Hanh said...

there seem to be 2 spots that young people often go to: those pavements near the church (pho Nha Tho) and on the side of the road near the roundabout (opposite Nha Hat Lon)