Wednesday, April 8, 2009


HDP  160

[somewhere on the banks of Trúc Bạch lake]


Kate said...

I am having a great time looking at all your former posts...intriguing subjects. I've always liked photos of two people together, wondering about their conversation and relationship and also enjoy seeing pictures of people with their backs to the camera...another way to visualize what they're doing and thinking.

PS. If I can get personal, what are you doing in Hanoi?!

Antjas said...

Two old friends who have no doubt been through a lot.

Lan Nghiem-Phu said...

If this is indeed Truc Bach lake, there is only one place this can be: on Truc Bach street where the lake makes a hook and narrows into this canal like body of water.

Jérôme said...

Kate: thanks for your comments, keep them coming!
I've now been in Hanoi for a bit less than a year, and I work for a French company.

Lan: spot on! :)

Virginia said...

Oh this is such a dear photo. It almost makes me cry! I'm a sap for old gentlemen's portraits, I don't know why. What a great shot. Merci, Jerome!

Anonymous said...

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