Monday, April 20, 2009

Face à face

HDP  172

As you know by now, the Temple of Literature is one of my favourite spots in Hanoi. Why? Just because when I bring my visitors there (it's one of the 'must see' in the city), I like to look around at the variety of people who gather there. It's not only a touristic landmark, no; it's also a place where students meet for class photos, where families bring their children for a stroll in the park... All in all, a pretty fascinating place.

I saw this lady resting on the steps of the temple, seemingly exhausted after a day walking around in the city. Apparently she found inner peace!


Virginia said...

Oh how I love these photographs you share with us. This is wonderful. I love her relaxed pose and the setting. I so wish I could travel to Hanoi and experience this city with you my friend.

That is the chicken said...

This is a great can really feel this lady's exhaustion. The reds in the picture are perfectly balanced between the frame and the central spot. Nice composition.

Ngân said...

Hi ^^

I'm an Hanoian, and when seeing your blog, I feel proud of my beloved hometown ^^

Hanoi is developing day by day, and your photos are so great to portray what Hanoi truly is.^^

Thank you again ( sorry I do not know your name yet)