Thursday, April 9, 2009

Al fresco

HDP  161

This is one of the hundreds - what am I saying, thousands - of street restaurants you will find in Hanoi. Not only will they be very inexpensive; they will also probably serve the yummiest Vietnamese traditional dishes! For this particular one, you can read from the signboard that they offer different kinds of noodles (phở, bún, mỳ) cooked in different styles.


Jacob said...

That is fascinating...are there places for customers to sit or do they eat standing up, or do they take the food home?

What if it rains?

Virginia said...

The lighting and the entire scene is just so powerful.
I'm so glad you're ba ck. I love your blog.

Hilda said...

Street food… yummy!

Lovely, atmospheric shot!

nathalie in avignon said...

J'avais raté quelques épisodes, c'est avec joie que j'ai retrouvé tes dernières photos. Celle-ci a une atmosphère fabuleuse, mais celle "we've got a winner" aussi.

Ta mariée en vagues de satin bleu est extraordinaire et j'ai beaucoup aimé ton portrait "générations".

Vraiment un grand plaisir de venir te rendre visite.

bfarr said...

I really like the mood of this shot.

Lan Nghiem-Phu said...

Glad you have hi-res so I can tell you about the dishes served here: Vietnamese rice noodle soup w/ chicken or beef (never pork or duck;) Southern style rice noodle with beef (Northerners rarely eat southern food;) rice soup with heart, liver, kidney or brain (who knows which brains, but heart and liver most likely are chicken or beef, sometime pork;) and fried noodle. I am always mindful of the poverty of the working class portrayed in your shots so I naturally am focused on the muddy poodles in the foreground. This is a great shot.

Jérôme said...

Jacob: the customers can sit down on those little stools you see on the pavement.. Yes, they ARE real tiny! Taking food away is another option, albeit less popular.

Nathalie: merci merci! Je visite toujours regulierement ton blog qui me rappelle la douceur du Sud :)

Lan: thanks for the precisions! I didn't know all that. I suppose it would be hard to find rice soup with brain in the US ;)

Minh said...

Ah Jerome, ca fait plaisir de voir que tu apprecies, ce que j'appelle un peu chauvinement la "vraie" bouffe vietnamienne!
Ca m'a toujours un peu irrite qu'en Malaisie, Singap, etc tous les restaus vietnamien se donnent une image chic et raffine, servant des plats "fusion" aseptisee et souvent trop occidentalise. A cote de ca, ils font l'impasse sur tous les plats simples mais excellent que tu trouves dans la rue (ou moi chez ma grand-mere ;-))

Like a situation where all you could find in french restaurants was lobster on champagne caviar when all you're really craving for is a good ol' steak hache puree maison prepared by your Mum on a lazy Sunday evening ;-).

Cheers from NZ