Monday, March 16, 2009

Wedding season

HDP  146

There are seasons that are more auspicious to wedding celebrations, and we're headed towards the end of one. I've been attending three of them in about a month, and although they're pretty different in nature than their Western counterparts, it's always fun to be part of it.


Virginia said...

I would like to see some. Will your friends let you photograph? I always enjoy my visits here Jerome. I think Viet Nam is such a beautiful and interesting country>

Jérôme said...

Thanks Virginia! You should come visit for real sometime :).

Unfortunately I didn't take my camera during the wedding celebrations I went to.. Didn't really know whether it was appropriate! I'll try next time though.

ly said...

just a quick comment: interesting that you took a photo of this particular shop. in case you're not aware, it is quite well known as it's the home of a very famous former soccer player.