Monday, March 30, 2009

Next in line

HDP  152

I love train rides; I find them to be one of the best ways to see what Vietnam is all about. I spent the two last weekends in the countryside, not very far from Hanoi, and had the best time. While I spent only some 2 hours onboard, some of my fellow passengers were headed to Saigon - a 40-hour ride! Now that teaches you patience, doesn't it?


Hanh said...

How is the toilet?! LOL~

Jérôme said...

It's surprising :)

Mimi said...

Train rides are indeed great! May I mention that there is a fast train, only thirty hours ;) You just put the window down and you get to see all the beautiful landscapes, specially the beaches of Danang! It is crazy how the train goes really close to the houses. When crossing cities, you get the impression that you are in the middle of their living rooms.