Monday, March 23, 2009

Family trip

HDP  148

As you know by now, Vietnam lives on - and for - motorbikes. Found this cute motorized family as I was walking by the French quarter!


Hilda said...

Manila is beginning to look a lot like this!

I absolutely hate it when I see kids without helmets though :(

bfarr said...

I agree...about the helmets, but this is a great shot.

Jérôme said...

Absolutely, helmets still are an issue here; as a matter of fact even those that are sold to the public are not really safe at all (as you can probably see on the picture).
The authorities are gradually becoming aware of this, let's hope there will be stricter regulations for the quality and the safety of those - including that of children's.

Kate said...

Here in Mexico I am also distressed when I see families piled onto scooters and bikes. Cheap transportation but dangerous. I often wonder about the accident and fatality rate.