Wednesday, September 3, 2008


HDP  092

Many taxi drivers around here have pineapples in their cars. Yes, pineapples. How random is that?

Some say it's a good odor-absorber, but really, I don't know. What's your theory?


Virginia said...

Ambiance??? Who knows. That is odd, but you got a very good shot of this oddity.

Michael said...

The shot of the pineapples is great! A pineapple in a cup holder. Who would have guessed?

NancyN said...

Random --- In the American South the pineapple was a sign of welcome hospitality for guests. See

D.C. Confidential said...

As Nancy pointed out, in the U.S. the pineapple is a symbol of hospitality. Perhaps your cabbies are saying "welcome."

Great photo!

Jeremy said...

Pineapples are an auspicious object in Chinese culture as its Chinese name sounds like 'prosperity'.

So it is not uncommon to see pineapple-shaped knick-knacks here in Singapore, though not often actual pineapples.

Larius said...

yes just like jeremy said, it is a symbol of prosperity (in Chinese dialects it sounds like "wealth come:). Most probably influence by the Chinese culture.
Also the pineapple does add a nice scent to the car, no?

Hanh said...

i think this is genuinely only a smell-absorber... LOL~
Instead of buying expensive odor/perfume, a cheap pineapple can solve it all.
personally i dislike the pineapple-in-car-smell though!! D: