Sunday, August 17, 2008

Street food

HDP  075

I was strolling down the road the other day when this lady offered to sell some snacks that were unknown to me; I gladly accepted the offer and discovered it was some glutinous buns that were tasting like prawns... Not exactly what I had in mind but hey, at least now I know ;).


Eki Akhwan said...

Looks and sounds like what we have in Bandung. :)

ken mac said...

Thanks for sharing the street scene with us. I know you have incredible food in Vietman, and these looks good to me!

Virginia said...

Nice street shot. I am assuming the balance type contraption is used for carrying them. You are brave for tasting the unknown!

Kris said...

Prawn buns, yummy!

Curly said...

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HanoiMark said...

I think they are called banh bao.