Friday, August 8, 2008

Lone rider

HDP  066

In a society where the notion of 'vital space' is close to nil I like to imagine that in stolen moments like this, one cherishes the sense of self. 

Or maybe that's just me thinking too much.


Virginia said...

I'm thinking that the composition in your photograph today is spot on. This is a really nice portrait in my opinion. The BW is exactly right. I also like your depth of field. The other cycles are recognizable but soft and back an interesting background for your subject.

babooshka said...

That's a wonderful image. The composition is perfect and the b&w really add to the sense of space. u are so right, a moment to breathe.

USelaine said...

On the other hand, maybe his moment of personal space is so unexpectedly vast and isolated, he feels lonely.

Now that's me definitely thinking too much. 8^) I like the photo.

Pipini said...

Oh i like this picture a lot. Your comment sums it up very nicely about one aspect of life in Hanoi. I am grateful that you are doing this photoblog, have been waiting for one of Hanoi for a long time. I am a Hanoian living away from home. So its nice to see a picture a day from my hometown. Thanks Jerome and keep up the good work!