Tuesday, August 19, 2008


HDP  077

One thing you'll notice about Hanoi is that there aren't that many houses that are built in a style we're used to seeing in Europe or in America; I was hence stunned to discover this one last weekend, right in the middle of the old quarter and its 36 streets. I wonder how hot it must be getting in there during this period!


Hilda said...

Oh, hot!!! NOT for sunny and humid countries at all.

Metro Manila has way too many Western-style houses and buildings. Silly architects have forgotten why each country or region developed a particular architectural style — it's to fit the local weather and climate!

Glad to hear Vietnamese construction hasn't followed the West blindly, except for the few like this one.

alain said...

is it a house or a restaurant, or an office ? I d like to live in a house with glass walls.

Harry Makertia said...

Oh, that kind of house is not for Bandung, or Jakarta, for sure! I was in Hanoi two years ago, and I can be sure that it's HOT inside there!