Saturday, August 9, 2008


HDP  067

Another colorful doorstep (sorry, can't help it! ;)).
I often wondered what were those telephone numbers you can see on the walls everywhere around town; I got my answer pretty recently: it's actually the way the masons advertise here. When I come to think about it, I prefer that to the zillions paper ads we receive in our mailboxes in Europe - it's nice and it saves trees!


USelaine said...

I love the doorways and passages you capture! More interesting color combinations just "found" around you.

HanoiMark said...

These ubiquitous graffiti are for concrete demolition. See

Pheebs said...

Haha at least I can help you answer this question. Those numbers are from some sorts of construction companies in town. They choose to illegally print their numbers all over blank walls (which is usually done at nights without those walls' owners' permission) rather to do some kinds of TV ads. It might because they think it'd be more convenient for the people to call them whenever they need, I guess. This has somehow developed into a competition between different companies to see whose phone number is bigger and more noticeable. It's funny how my mum gets mad once in awhile noticing her wall have a new number.