Tuesday, August 5, 2008

'36 streets week' - Hàng Lược

HDP  063

Again one of those doorsteps I came to know and like so much; unfortunately my vietnamese is far from allowing me to decipher what's written on the wall in the background. Any clue?

Oh, and I almost forgot: Hàng Lược once was 'combs street'. I desperately looked for one but didn't succeed. Bummer.


Virginia said...

I would love some explanation regarding this photo.
I am puzzled about the greenish stairs going to where? At the top, at the small gate- for what? The small hallway at the bottom - where does it go?This photo is so interesting but some of us may need your help to explain.Thank you .'V

USelaine said...

LOOK at all the colors and textures! The light is perfect and your composition splendid. This would make a great painting.

Hyde DP said...

a great insight to an interesting inside - one can only imagine what goes on here - the reality is probably something different.

Anonymous said...

the words mean : "no trespassing"
literally it means: Forbid stranger to enter this area

Jérôme said...

Hi Virginia,
I can only guess that the stairs lead to the house main entrance, but you're right: why the gate?

As 'anonymous' mentioned (thanks for the translation by the way!), strangers are not welcome. But I'll try and find out more during my next walk around there ;)