Sunday, July 6, 2008

Vietnamese shadow play

HDP  033

Another shot from last night: this is the road that is separating the Trúc Bạch lake from the West lake. When the weather permits, a lot of couples are just hanging out there, next to their bikes.
Oh, and since the format might be a bit small for you guys to see, I also uploaded a larger version of it.

Have a great Sunday everyone!


Nathalie said...

Discovering your blog through a link at Edwin's in KL. Your last posts are amazing. Yesterday for the thin building, and then the dog paw, and the lone man sitting in the shade of the one and only tree..... fantastic views. I'll be back !

Jérôme said...

Merci Nathalie!
I really like your photos as well, I'm definitely going to put it in my bookmarks.

Enjoy the summer! (can't wait to be back in France for holidays, it's been over a year)

Benjamin Madison said...

This is a wonderful photo - it reminds me of one of those japanese scroll paintings.