Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rackets and shuttlecocks

HDP  051

Badminton really is something here; you can find courts everywhere, from the sidewalks in the city center to the public parks as you can see on this shot. I went to play last Saturday, and boy was it fun - and physically draining, with the heat and humidity!


Virginia said...

I really like how you caught the sun coming through the trees and the shadows on the court. Very nice photo.

Katie said...

Perfect picture (not Picture Perfect... :P)

Burd Zel Krai said...

Hahaha yep!
Semi-blinding light too, I see :)
I spent 5 months in Hong Kong last year and remember seeing badminton in most parks! was so much fun when i eventually picked up a racquet, but I could never consistently hit the shuttlecock cleanly!
i agree with virginia too, that sunlight through the trees is special... especially that purple glimmer through the lens.

Hilda said...

Badminton's still a middle to upper class sport here, but it's getting there! I only tried it once and my tongue was hanging out after only five minutes! :D