Sunday, June 8, 2008

Yellow submarine

HDP  005

Hanoi, a.k.a. the motorbike frenzy. Cars are so expensive here, that everybody uses a motorbike; after all you can use it in pretty much any situation, from transporting pigs, chickens, huge Styrofoam bags, to families of four or even five sometimes. I'm going to get mine soon (bike, that is).

Some bikes stand out more than others, and like a bunch of people in the city I kind of have a crush on those really cute Vespas. Don't you just love this one?


Jeremy said...

I know, Jer! I've always had a thing for Vespas too.

Get one, and practice balancing several people on it. And then we'll come visit. :o)

Jérôme said...

ha ha. I heard they were actually pretty hard to handle, so it'll take me at least a few months. Come see me before that, would you? :)

USelaine said...

Jerome, you should visit the Seattle photo blog of Chuck - you'll find he is a kindred spirit for Vespas.

Jérôme said...

Hi Elaine,

thanks for the tip, will definitely check it out!

Chuck Pefley said...

Jerome, Elaine sent me a link to your blog ... I had a Vespa ET4 a couple years ago like the yellow one in your post, although mine was silver. Now I ride a Vespa GTs 250 and also have a 1964 Vespa GL. Nothing quite like the Vespa, although they are a bit higher priced. Hope you're able to get your own soon.


Jérôme said...

Hey Chuck, I would love to get one soon. I heard their maintenance was quite substantial too though. Will try and ride one in the next couple of days, just to get the feeling :).