Monday, June 23, 2008

Swan Lake

HDP  020

Swan-riding is something apparently very popular here during the weekends, especially when you're a couple. Hmm, I have got to give it a try sometime!


lasiate said...

des débuts intéressants mais j'espère des images plus percutantes pour approfondir la connaissance de cette ville et de ses habitants.

Steve Buser said...

A beautiful and interesting custom.

Hilda said...

Aw, that's so sweet. Make sure you have a pretty date when you try it. ;)

Burd Zel Krai said...

haha! perfect title!
thanks for visiting my blog - i am in love with yours!
i travelled through SE vietnam about 6 months ago... ho chi minh, mekong delta, cu chi (?) tunnels.
found vietnam utterly inspiring, and so different. never made it up to halong bay, let alone hanoi.
but i've always wondered what it's like - one day i hope to revisit vietnam!
are you staying in vietnam for a while? or are you a resident? just asking cos your name is french and i saw you were born in france (i know vietnam has a colonial history linked with your mother country - but still wondering).
captivating photos anyway.
will be a regular stop on my nightly visits around the CDP community.
sorry for the diatribe!
but great blog, keep it up.
c'est parfait; c'est ce que j'aime. :)

burd zel krai

Jérôme said...

Thanks all!

Hey Burd Zel Krai, thanks for the diatribe as well. I just arrived in Vietnam (on June 1st to be more exact), and I'm going to stay here for a couple of years or so. I like France a lot but I don't see myself living there now; will probably return to the motherland after a few more years abroad.
What about you, are you a true Californian? ;)

Niki said...

I am a true Malaysian - will you go on the Swan Ride with me when I come visit? :)

Sorry about your SMS yesterday. Mad busy. Will call you tomo.

Jeremy said...

Oh don't worry, all, about Jérôme finding a pretty date for the ride. He will before you can even say 'really?'. ;o)