Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ma maison

HDP  007

This is what I'd love to see when I go out of my place. I know it won't exactly be like that (I just found an apartment to move in to), but I'll keep this sight in mind :).


Kim said...

Hi Jerome,
Welcome to the CDPB community! Wow, your photos so far make me want to visit. This is such an attractive entrance and the shot reminds me of a scene in Good Morning Vietnam. I also LOVE your shot of the night beacon, the yellow Vespa, and the well-seen and wonderfully commented on red signs. Of course, I'd be in the tea shop in two seconds with a sign that inviting out front, too. I look forward to exploring Hanoi with you! Your photos are great!
Seattle Daily Photo

CARO said...

ohhh i bet what you see when you come out of your new place ain't that bad;) love the doors, it does give a special feeling, like coming out of your palace:)

Can't wait for tmw's pic! :)

Jérôme said...

Hi Kim,

thanks for the kind words, appreciate it! You've got some pretty awesome shots in your blog as well; I'll be checking it out everyday!
Oh, and if you drop by Hanoi, give me a shout.


indeed I really like what I see when I go out of my new place.. Will post a pic as soon as I move in ;).
Hope to see you soon, cousin!

Jerez said...

ummm..makes a hot place look cool!