Friday, June 13, 2008

... le beau temps

HDP  010

Many say Hanoi is very often grey and cloudy. Well, I hope this photograph will help showing that's not (always) the case!

For the sake of full disclosure though, I have to confess that two hours after I took this shot, having literally cooked under the sun, I got totally drenched wet by a heavy shower on my way to lunch. But hey, unpredictability is nice, too :).


alaya said...

yes, definitely beautiful blue sky. what building is it?

Petrea said...

Hi Jérôme;
You're posting some wonderful shots here! I like them all. It's great to see this city I've heard so much about. This particular shot is artistic in its simplicity.

Jérôme said...

Hi Alaya, thanks for the kind comment. I like your photos too, especially the soto bogor one -- reminds me of my stays in Indonesia!
The building is just a house located on the banks of the West Lake. Pretty swanky, huh?

Hi Petrea, thanks a lot for the compliments. Looking at your photo blog, I see that we share a common interest for abstract photos! It makes me want to travel to California.

Blognote said...

A good photo with the right angle!!