Friday, June 6, 2008


HDP  004

After the buzz during the day time, time to unwind at night in this quiet street around Tay Ho (West Lake). Isn't this peaceful?


Thierry said...

Good old quiet Hà Nội!
...that reminds me of the late oh-so-nice phở out of the "Apo"!

Jérôme said...

The Apo? What's that?

Ps: when are you going to go back to Hà Nội? :)

Thierry said...

The "Apo" was the short name of the "Apocalypse Now", a totally decadent club at the time i lived there... not sure it is still running... maybe the army/cops finally closed it down!

That's where i extended my passion of the B-52's from music towards the field of drinks...

As for coming back to VN, i don't have any short-term plan, unfortunately!

Jérôme said...

Ooh, I think I heard about that one, but it must have closed down quite recently. Now the best club seems to be the Solace, but I'll have to check that out soon!