Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thu Le Lake

Hanoi by night

You couldn't imagine Hanoi without its lakes; present all across the city, some more famous than others, they're the perfect spot for the young couple of lovers.
This one is not -by far- the most famous but still keeps a charm you'll find nowhere else. Still, the motorbikes keep passing by - this is Hanoi! :)


edwin s said...

Here you are!

I love the light trails of the cars driving past.

Anyway, take your time and when you're ready, you'll know what to do. Until then, enjoy yourself. Always. The pressure of posting daily can be tough, it hit me real hard last year. However, KLDP gave me the opportunity of getting to know KL all over again. Things and places I'd taken for granted are suddenly new and exciting learning experiences.

I'm sure Hanoi is a great city. You must be seeing so many things.

And you know Niki Cheong? Tickled to find his blog on your links.

have a wonderful day Jerome :)

Jérôme said...


Indeed I realize that it will be quite difficult to blog daily, but that's something I'm actually really looking forward to. Time will tell!

Indeed Niki is a good friend of mine - I used to be living in KL 3 years ago and I'm still going back there almost every month.


Niki said...

Hey hey!

When you told me last night that you wanted to do what Edwin was doing - I didn't know about his daily blog.

What a great idea - especially for you too, since you're only now discovering Hanoi. Good luck with that.

Hope to visit you soon (and maybe my photo might appear on your pages?) *ahem*

Hehe See you Sunday hopefully! Love lots!

p/s Hi Edwin :D