Saturday, June 7, 2008

Chocoholics, stand united!

HDP  004

I was walking along the West lake again today, and couldn't help but noticing this lovely, retro tea lounge. Didn't have time to go in and enjoy whatever scrumptious deserts they had got, but I know where I'll go for next brunch!

Have a good weekend everyone.


Niki said...

Chocs? Omigod, you're going to go mental in there won't you? I love the shot btw. :D

Ines said...

Ok try it and if it is a good address, we will definitly come back together in September!


Jérôme said...

Thanks, Niki! I don't go mental in a chocolated environment, it's my natural habitat. You should know better! ;)

Ines: definitely, will keep you posted on the upcoming critique. If it's good, be prepared to be my brunch mate for the coming months!

Aurélie said...

You know me, I am in too ;-)
Let s go in July!!!

Niki said...

Pass... :P

Anonymous said...

Sure I will be your Brunch Mate!
But I want to keep my figure! ahahahahaahah

Anyway, I can just watch you and Olive eating... I will just have a soup or something!

But when Aurelie and Alex will visit us, IT'S DIFFERENT! Everything is authorize!