Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Candy shop

HDP 021

Imagine my delight when I entered this bakery and saw those Carambars. Reminded me of primary school, when my classmates and I were almost missing the school bus after having ran to the local bakery to buy a couple of those with a few francs. Feeling nostalgic? Hmm, maybe just a little.

To cope with that, a little recipe I recently re-discovered with a friend of mine: infuse a few Carambars in a decent vodka. Wait for a few hours for it to completely dissolve, and you'll get a fine tasting, caramel-flavored vodka. Yeah, we're not kids anymore, so why the hell not enjoy that?


Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo said...

Fabulous photo...sounds fantastic infused in the vodka!

Anonymous said...

Les carambars au Vietnam. c'est la joie... Une photo délicieuse!!

Ines said...

Tu as pris la photo au Delicatessen Metropole!
Je suis un peu déçue tout de même il n'y a pas de Caramou (ceux au nougat)...


Dogeared said...

I just found your Blog (idly clicking links form the theme day, on my lunch break) - and oh, carambar vodka? I wish I'd not given the last of my carambars to my work colleagues! (I was in Paris this weekend to see Counting Crows, I'd have bought more bars if I'd known about this!)

I'll bookmark your Blog when I get home, though I'm trying to catch up with things online, so I might not be a regular commenter just yet.

elsa said...

On peut aussi faire un gâteau chamallow-carambars avec du rice crispies à la place de la farine.
Si je me souviens bien de la recette, il faut faire fondre les chamallows et les carambars dans une casserole et les verser sur des rice krispies avant de laisser refroidir.
J'ai oublié les mesures et ai trouvé ce "gâteau" un peu sucré.